June 7, 2009, 1:14 am
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While I was doing the first poster, I had another version of the poster and I liked it too. Though it took a lot of time, I decided to work further on the another version to create a series. At the first, the second version started with the same image of the African child. And this poster communicates what one dollar can do for the poor kids. I wrote what one dollar can do for the children in many countries while the first poster only focuses on the African children.



Looking the both posters, I thought that it would be better to have variety of children’s images because this version is communicating the hunger in many other countries (broader world) while the first poster speaks about hunger in Africa. I illustrated the Asian boy with an empty rice bowl and another child next to him (somehow the child at the right side is disappeared in this image). And then I also illustrated 10 of 1 liter milk instead of the text to see how they look like. I was planning to change all the text part (7 children, 200 eggs, 2 kg of rice, and a child) into illustrations, but I was concerned that if the illustrations would communicate well without texts. I also thought that the entire poster would look too busy with all the different colours of the images overpowering the main images. 


Considering the cohesiveness with the first poser which has the texts only at the bottom part, I finally decided to go for texts-only for the second version too.  And then I removed the another boy at the right side because having one kid in the poster looked more engaging. I drew the boy using the pen tool and used the live trace tool for some details of the t-shirt. 


For the final re-touch, I changed the background colour to the same colour of the first poster. I also changed the colour of the sentence at the bottom to black to differentiate from the words in red in the middle part and the first poster. 



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