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June 7, 2009, 1:56 am
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I created two corresponding posters as a series to communicate the children’s hunger issue. The poster of the African girl is designed to stress the hunger issue in Africa while the second poster is for broader world and to show the value of one dollar to the poor and hungry kids. The two posters have the same structure and same elements such as the big image of one child, red box, text and logo to achieve the cohesiveness between the two posters. Though it took a lot of time to create two, I like the posters as a series and I wish to create more if time allows. 

Carlos said that the posters will be printed by 9:30 Monday morning because they are in big size, so I guess I will be able to bring the posters during the crit. I am excited to see my posters and all of you guys’ 🙂 see you on Monday!




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Wow, I really like your drawing style with the pen tool. Both your posters are really detailed. Good job! =D

Comment by cappazilla

Wow, your poster looks really professional!
I like the first poster better because I think your text on the former one is much stronger.

Comment by dbeve

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