June 6, 2009, 11:11 pm
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For this project, I am specifically focused on the children’s hunger issue. To achieve a clear and strong impact, I decided to place an illustration of a skinny and poor African child in the middle of the poster. For the text part, I wanted to show how many hungry children are actually dying even at this moment, so wrote “deaths of hunger in Africa while you are reading this poster.” Under the text, I put the names of African children to signify the number of deaths in hunger. Under the names of the children, I added “every 3.5 seconds, one child dies of hunger” and I was planning to place a logo next to it. This is the first composition and color that I came up with.  


After deciding the composition of the work, I drew the child with the pen tool while using the live trace to capture the complex details of the cloth. However, the live trace tool did not work well and the image had too many unnecessary parts & scratches since the photo that I traced was not in a good resolution. So I traced the picture with the pen tool again. You can compare that the face I re-drew is much cleaner and smoother while the live-traced arm and cloth have some strange details. I re-drew everything using the pen tool later.  



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Wow…So nice..
I like the one holding a cup. I can feel that he desperately need help. Also, I like the logo. The sillutte of poor people just tells the audience the intended message from the poster.!

Comment by sshin925

Thanks 🙂 I am glad that you read the logo and understood the meaning because I was little worried that if the logo is bit vague.

Comment by se*

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