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June 5, 2009, 2:27 am
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For a few days, I was looking for topics of the poster project. And I reminded of the poor and starving children in Africa whom my friends met and helped while she was staying for volunteer work. She talked to me about the children and how poor and hungry they are. Although I cannot help them now directly, I decided to make a poster of  the hunger issue (specifically for children) to spread the word visually (which is a benefit as an art student, right?). Through the research, I found out that every 3.5 seconds, one child dies of hunger in Africa and every 5 seconds, one child dies of hunger in the world. I realized that how serious this subject matter is and wanted to deliver a really clear and strong message to the public. This is a sketch of my poster which depicts a skinny african child. Under the image of the child, I wanted to add some texts such as “every 3.5 seconds, one child dies of hunger” or “deaths of hunger while you are reading this poster.” And under the text, I layed out more than 50 african chidlren’s names (appeared to be dead in the poster) to show while a viewer read this poster and the names of the kids for a few seconds, they are actually dying of hunger.  Another idea is that to show how one dollar can be big for the children in the poor countries. With the image of the child, I wanted to add “your one dollar can” and then add “feed 10 litres of milk”, “feed 200 eggs” and so on. This version of the poster is targeting not only Africa, but also other poor countries where a lot of children are straving to death.


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I like your concept of the poster. We definitely need poster for poor and starving children!!! I can’t wait to see your poster > <

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