Before & After
May 24, 2009, 8:07 pm
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Before & after of my work.


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I love that flowers.
I feel spring > <
The UBC campus looks so beautiful:-)

Comment by sshin925

I find the composition visually interesting as the color choice and idea is fantasy inspired. What if there were more variety in the flowers used? The color choices on are great. The only thing I’m on the fence about is that the images of the smaller flowers are repeated a lot and look a cut+paste.

Comment by coconutbread

This was such an accomplished and happy image I glad we started the critiques out with it. I enjoed the panoramic size and have to learn how to do it. The forefront of garden flowers including the oversize tulips combined with the sunshine and pristine buildings and bus-stops made it look like a place geared for life’s enjoyment

Comment by lonepineken

your image blew me away. you have totally inspired me to attempt the 5 pictures as one image idea!! i will defiantly try that out!! although i honestly do like the before picture more, the flowers on your final image provides a very fun atmosphere and spring very lovable! thats because i don’t enjoy spring because i have really bad hayfever!!

Comment by pooeyy

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