Process during May 19 ~ 22
May 23, 2009, 1:25 am
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These are the process photos that I have so far. I increased the grass and scattered various colours of flowers on the grass while the gigantic tulips are place as light poles. I also put a man with bycicle and a giraff on the big tulip as if they are coming out from the tulip. I tried to balance the each colour so the whole look is harmonious although there are a lot of different colours. It took a lot of time to place different flowers on the grass considering the location, scale and colour variation of each one. I also copied and pasted the same flowers while I was changing the colours and perspective of the flowers. I think the work is more natural compared to the previous iamges(too much pink then!). I wished I had more animals and people in the image, but it looked too much at last and it also looked like a collage work. I finally minimized the elements and decided to put a man and a giraff with flowers (and a giraff worked the best compared to other animals such as monkeys and elephants). I also scatterd flowers on the sky where the tulips are, so they look like they are coming out from the tulips. I personally like to use vivid and bright colours and positive images which make you feel good. For this project, I tried to recreate a positive and utopian iamge of the garden of Eden that I have dreamed about. I believe that urban places can be transformed into nice and ecological places if we work together and respect and protect the nature 🙂

* click on the images to enlarge


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