Process during May 17 ~ 19
May 23, 2009, 12:55 am
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After I merged the background image and edited other pictures of flowers and so on, I started working on the composition of the whole image. Since I wanted to recreate the garden of Eden on the urban place, I decided to place vivid colours of flowers on the grass. I mostly spent time experimenting for the composition and tried to generate as many iamges as I could. I firstly worked with the pink flowers and dandelions since they are shot in various angles and they are great to put together as a cluster. Using dandelions and the pink flowers, I tried to cover the bus stops, but they did not look natural. After few trials of covering the bus stops, I decided to leave the bus stops and other building as they are since my ultimate goal was creating the beautiful garden which is harmoniously combined with the urban place. Since I wanted to have more green, I put more grass on the asphalt and then I put the pink flowers along with the horizontal line where the new edge of the grass meets the asphalt. However, I thought the pink is too overwhelming when they are formed as a big bar, so I decided to separate them and scatter the flowers randomly on the grass. I also placed the tulips as light poles and played with giraffs since I wanted that people, flowers, and animals are on the same image though it is impossible to happen in the real world, but it can happen on the garden of Eden I think 🙂  as a symbol of peace and fantasy. ( I think my work is becoming more like a fantasy world;) )


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