Edited images with the transparency background
May 23, 2009, 12:00 am
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I have more images of flowers, but I am uploading some of them since they are the same kind, but different blossoms. These are edited images of the photos that I took. It took enormous time (seriously) to get the transparency backgrounds using pen tool. Since a lot of flowers are shot in the one photo though they are the same kind, I wanted to get various angled flowers as much as I could for the variety of images. I generated about 2~3 different flower images from each flower photo depending on the angle and shapes of the flowers.  I especially had to make a lot of paths to separate the each petal of the flowers from the previous backgrounds. After using the pen tool, I used erasor tool for fine adjustments and smooth edges. I was also a having hard time to work on the wheels of the bicycle since they have a lot of thin wires. Although I felt that my eyes were popping out, once I finished them, I had a lot of freedoms to place the images on the background the way I wanted, and I could start working on the composition of the work.

(I thought the iamges of the pink flowers are a bit pixelated, but it was noise that are generated by my camera for esposing at a lot of light.)


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