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May 19, 2009, 6:02 pm
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Before I took the photos and composited them, I specified the theme and concept of the project. As a catholic, I grew up reading the bible and loved to see the paintings that depict myths and stories of the bible. Since I was young, my parents encouraged me to imagine and visually describe (drawing and painting) the stories of the bible. I do not go to a church regularly now, but I still have (remember) a certain image of the garden of the Eden and other parts of the bible. I thought it would be interesting to recreate the new garden of Eden in an urban city setting. I can use my imagination to describe the garden inspired by the story of the Eden. Though everyone knows the garden of Eden, but it is considered as a myth to some people while it is believed as truth to some other people. I think it is fascinating to recreate the garden of Eden using the digital techniques such as photoshop since it enables my imaginations and fantasies into a real-like work. 

I will take some photos of the streets where trees and buildings are as a background photo. With the photos or scanned images of flowers, rainbow, animals and so on, I would like to create an utopia world. I am not sure if I leave the buildings or cover then with flowers..Do you think it is better to show some buildings and other sculptures in the work or cover them with all other elements (big flowers, big animals and so on) ?

Here are my sketch and a found image of the garden of Eden.


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I think it might be better to put buildings or sculptures in your project. Once you put them into your image, it will make an unqiue garden of Eden 🙂

Comment by sshin925

interesting idea!

Comment by suzi

Very interesting idea for fake/real! Putting the Garden of Eden in a more urban landscape changes the “myth” into something more contemporary. I think you should leave the buildings and sculptures in the background, maybe put some flowers growing over them?

Comment by sschan

It is interesting to see how you connect garden of Eden and the urban city. I think it is unique idea because in these days artist often describe cities as not-a-good-place-to-live. But you are doing the opposite now. I’m looking forward to see your project in the classroom~;) Good Luck!!

Comment by dbeve

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