Before & After
May 24, 2009, 8:07 pm
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Before & after of my work.


Final image
May 23, 2009, 2:40 am
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This is an image that I printed out today. The saturated one is for printing since I had to change the colour settings depending on the paper and the printer that I used. To get the original colours when I print on the actual paper, I had to change the colours to the left one. Carlos helped me a lot to do this, and I did not know that I could achieve the exactly desired colours at DOC! For three years, I have printed out at other places, but I did not get to choose the paper for bigger prints or be helped to get better results. I think the final print came out very well and I love that colours were printed on the paper as I wanted. I am still working and experimenting the work just incase though it was already printed. During the weekend, I want to try few more other compositions adding or subtracting the elements to make the work better. And thank you all for the helpful comments on my posts. They helped me a lot. yay!

Process during May 19 ~ 22
May 23, 2009, 1:25 am
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These are the process photos that I have so far. I increased the grass and scattered various colours of flowers on the grass while the gigantic tulips are place as light poles. I also put a man with bycicle and a giraff on the big tulip¬†as if¬†they are¬†coming out from the tulip. I tried to balance the each colour so the whole look is harmonious although there are a lot of different colours. It took a lot of time to place different flowers on the grass¬†considering the location, scale and¬†colour variation of each one. I also copied and pasted the same flowers¬†while I¬†was changing the colours and perspective of the flowers. I think the work is more natural compared to the previous iamges(too much pink then!). I wished I had more animals and people in the image, but it looked too much at last and it also looked like a collage work. I finally minimized the elements and decided to put a man and a giraff with flowers (and a giraff worked the best compared to other animals such as monkeys and elephants). I also scatterd flowers on the sky where the tulips are, so they look like they are coming out from the tulips. I personally like to use¬†vivid and bright colours and positive images which make you feel good. For this project, I tried to¬†recreate a positive and utopian iamge of the garden of Eden that I have dreamed about. I believe that urban places can be transformed into¬†nice and ecological places if we work together and respect¬†and protect¬†the nature ūüôā

* click on the images to enlarge

Process during May 17 ~ 19
May 23, 2009, 12:55 am
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After I merged the background image and edited other pictures of flowers and so on, I started working on the composition of the¬†whole image. Since I wanted to¬†recreate the garden of Eden on the urban¬†place, I decided to place vivid colours of flowers on the grass.¬†I mostly spent time experimenting for the composition and tried to generate as many iamges as I could. I firstly worked with the pink flowers and¬†dandelions¬†since they are shot in various angles and they are great to put together as a cluster.¬†Using dandelions and the pink flowers, I tried to¬†cover the bus stops,¬†but they did not look natural. After few trials of covering the bus stops, I decided to leave the¬†bus stops and other¬†building as they are since¬†my ultimate goal was creating¬†the beautiful garden which is harmoniously combined with the urban place. Since I wanted¬†to have more green, I put more grass on the asphalt and then I put the pink flowers along with the horizontal line where the new¬†edge of the grass meets the asphalt. However,¬†I thought the pink is too overwhelming when they are formed as a big bar, so I decided to separate them and scatter the flowers randomly on the grass. I also placed the tulips as light poles and played with giraffs since I wanted that people, flowers, and animals are¬†on the same image though¬†it is impossible to happen in the real world, but¬†it can happen on the garden of Eden I think ūüôā ¬†as a symbol of peace and fantasy.¬†( I think my work is¬†becoming more¬†like a fantasy world;) )

Edited images with the transparency background
May 23, 2009, 12:00 am
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I have more images of flowers, but I am uploading some of them since they are the same kind, but different blossoms. These are edited images of the photos that I took. It took enormous time (seriously) to get the transparency backgrounds using pen tool. Since a lot of flowers are shot in the one photo though they are the same kind, I wanted to get various angled flowers as much as I could for the variety of images. I generated about 2~3 different flower images from each flower photo depending on the angle and shapes of the flowers.  I especially had to make a lot of paths to separate the each petal of the flowers from the previous backgrounds. After using the pen tool, I used erasor tool for fine adjustments and smooth edges. I was also a having hard time to work on the wheels of the bicycle since they have a lot of thin wires. Although I felt that my eyes were popping out, once I finished them, I had a lot of freedoms to place the images on the background the way I wanted, and I could start working on the composition of the work.

(I thought the iamges of the pink flowers are a bit pixelated, but it was noise that are generated by my camera for esposing at a lot of light.)

Original pictures that are composited with the background
May 22, 2009, 11:30 pm
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After I took the background photo, I also took other pictures (people, flowers, animal sculptures and so on) to composite with the background. I wanted my work to look like the garden of Eden in an urban place, so I was mostly considering the variety of colours (and vivid) and the mood of the images. For my project, I wanted utopian and positive images that could be well integrated with the background creating fantasies and the urban garden of Eden . I thought I would place a lot of vivid colours of flowers on the front of the background and some gigantic tulips where even people and animals are coming out from.  These are the original photos of the elements that I have used.

The background photo
May 22, 2009, 11:13 pm
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These are photos that I have used for the background of my work. I took the photos at UBC campus and merged them as one photo(panorama). To chieve an urban setting background, I chose to shot the buildings, streets, people and trees all together. The reason I chose this place is it is not too busy like down town, but good enough to composite with other pictures while it still looks like an urban (public) area (and peaceful) Using photoshop, I finally merged 5 photos as one horizontally long piece to work with.